Random Musings: Toto’s Revelation and the Pathway Home

August 1, 2021 When I watched the Wizard of Oz as an adult, I was realized I had missed a very important  lesson embedded in the Wizard’s encounters with Dorothy and her friends.  The Wizard’s chamber, with its flashes of light, mighty rumblings, and the huge ferocious visage projected on a screen terrified the group andContinue reading “Random Musings: Toto’s Revelation and the Pathway Home”

Who’s Anxious?

May 2, 2021 Seems to me that 2020 began as a droplet of concern, became a rivulet of worry, then a tsunami of anxiety that continues to flood 2021!  Yet, last year’s challenges could’ve become a time to hit pause on the anxious lifestyles of overwhelming commitments and ‘to do’s” of life we have allowedContinue reading “Who’s Anxious?”


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