The Consequence of Playing Favorites

February 14, 2021 Life, for the most part, is a constant pursuit of being ‘the favorite:’  Daddy’s little girl, Momma’s boy, teacher’s pet, best friends. There’s so little contentment in being loved and valued as ‘one of;’ only being ‘the favorite’ will do!   Such favoritism results in bitter competition, hatred, and the death of relationships andContinue reading “The Consequence of Playing Favorites”

Reclaiming Truth

January 24, 2021 A couple of weeks ago – following the events of January 6, I blogged about the misuse of Jesus’ name teachings.  Last week, I blogged that Jesus isn’t our personal tribal leader because Christ came for all the world.   On January 20, President Biden called for a reclaiming of the soul of ourContinue reading “Reclaiming Truth”

When Life Gets Tribal

            This past week, as so often happens in life, my devotional readings dove-tailed with the events going on in the world.               For the past several years, particularly in recent weeks, we have engaged in tribal language: our rights, our vaccine, our House, our voice, justice for us and on and on.  Curiously, we is never about all of us.  Our is never inclusive. Yours is always less important  than mine.  The consequence?  Destructive tribalism.  We all wantContinue reading “When Life Gets Tribal”

A Personal Epiphany

January 10, 2021 Epiphany: a sudden revelation or insight.   Epiphanies are typically life changing and, as in the case of the magi who visited the Christ child, such revelations can change us and lead us ‘home by another way.’ (Matthew 2:12) I was thinking about ‘epiphanies’ a lot on this past Wednesday, January 6, theContinue reading “A Personal Epiphany”

The Gifts of Christmas: Pondering

January 3, 2021 Pondering – gathering all possible information before reacting; considering the circumstances, the needs, the consequences of options, and discerning where God is calling us to be in the midst of it all. Reactivity – acting from a place of limited information, ego-centricity, self-preservation, and total disregard for any needful discerning of God’sContinue reading “The Gifts of Christmas: Pondering”

God’s Gifts at Christmas: 4. A Vision of Church

December 20, 2020 It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of Advent; equally hard to believe that we are celebrating without carols, candles, communion, and fellowship with our friends and families.   I really miss doing all those ‘Christmas things’ we have always done.   This year has been and continues to beContinue reading “God’s Gifts at Christmas: 4. A Vision of Church”


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