Hi, I’m Pastor Catharine.

I was born DC in an undisclosed year of Our Lord. I was raised in Northern Virginia where I stayed until I graduated from the Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia as an English major. Since I always was drawn to education and teaching, I also earned a teaching certificate for secondary and collegiate education. Like many of us (or our children!) I never used my major as I was drawn to other opportunities throughout my early adult life.

But no matter what I chose to do for work (from working on Capitol Hill to facilitating Family Support groups in Germany during Desert Storm, to volunteering for hospice in a local nursing home), I always felt a tug at my soul. I knew God was calling me to something more.

So, finally, almost 20 years ago, I answered God’s call. I enrolled in a Masters program at the Wesley Theological Seminary in 2001. Since 2004, as an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church, I’ve had the honor of serving seven congregations. Along the way, I gained further pastoral training by earning a full credit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Sibley Hospital, trained with the Lombard Mennonite Peace Institute in Conflict Management and Meditation Skills, and returned to Wesley to get my Doctorate in Spiritual Transformation of Community in 2015.

It took me a few decades to answer the call but I’m so glad I did. To God be the Glory!

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