Random Musings: The Responsibility of Blessing

June 20, 2021 “If you are healthy, wealthy, and wise, you are blessed!”  “I am a favored child of God, just look how God has blessed me!” These statements are common remarks made by adherents to the prosperity gospel; the implications being if you AREN’T blessed in these ways, obviously God doesn’t like you so much.  Continue reading “Random Musings: The Responsibility of Blessing”

Random Musings: Lessons of the Four-Way Stop

June 6, 2021 I love the way God teaches, corrects, transforms, and affirms our lives through the unending osmosis between the holy and the human if we will only pay attention and get with the program in this thing called life.   Why? Because I believe these teachings, which often come in the most benign ofContinue reading “Random Musings: Lessons of the Four-Way Stop”