The Focused Life Flight

September 27, 2020 This past week, as I was sitting on my porch, the weirdest thought came to mind: why don’t birds hurt themselves when they’re flying in, out, and among the trees?  I mean, really!?! Think about it. They’re flying so fast – but they never run into anything!  They don’t crash into tree trunksContinue reading “The Focused Life Flight”

Where Church Is

September 20, 2020 It has been a long several months for us ‘church-going folks.’  We missed Easter in our beautiful buildings. We missed confirmation celebrations, Vacation Bible School on the lawn, weddings, baptisms, baccalaureates, celebrations of lives lived among us that are now gone, potlucks, winter sheltering of the unhoused, fundraising opportunities for community needs. AllContinue reading “Where Church Is”