The One Thing We Will Always Have Without Asking…..

July 25, 2020             Forgiveness: such a powerful piece of our faith!  All we need to do is to confess our sins and ask the Lord for forgiveness and we are absolutely and completely forgiven.  What a wonderful truth! As we hear so often: we are forgiven and free to start over. Period. All we have to doContinue reading “The One Thing We Will Always Have Without Asking…..”

Freeze-frame Walkabout

July 18, 2020 Have you ever seen those shows (my mind goes immediately to the old black and white Twilight Zone episodes) when something confusing is going on and suddenly everything moves to freeze-frame? Why freeze-frame?  Because everything in the episode was in an active state of chaos or really scary at a bare minimum; someone – usually the mainContinue reading “Freeze-frame Walkabout”

Such a Simple Thing

July 11, 2020             Sometimes when we are in distress, looking for solutions to things that are threatening us, we look for complicated answers and beyond those people who are actually able to help us; beyond them, that is, if their solutions don’t suit our agendas and don’t feed our egos.  It’s remarkable –              Let me tellContinue reading “Such a Simple Thing”

A Caterpillar and a Tornado

July 5, 2020 Who are You? This was the question the stoned Caterpillar on the mushroom asked Alice in Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Alice didn’t know the answer, and quite frankly, it really didn’t seem to matter to her much. She knew who she was when the day began in her family’s garden as sheContinue reading “A Caterpillar and a Tornado”