When Life Gets Tribal

            This past week, as so often happens in life, my devotional readings dove-tailed with the events going on in the world.               For the past several years, particularly in recent weeks, we have engaged in tribal language: our rights, our vaccine, our House, our voice, justice for us and on and on.  Curiously, we is never about all of us.  Our is never inclusive. Yours is always less important  than mine.  The consequence?  Destructive tribalism.  We all wantContinue reading “When Life Gets Tribal”

The Gifts of Christmas: Pondering

January 3, 2021 Pondering – gathering all possible information before reacting; considering the circumstances, the needs, the consequences of options, and discerning where God is calling us to be in the midst of it all. Reactivity – acting from a place of limited information, ego-centricity, self-preservation, and total disregard for any needful discerning of God’sContinue reading “The Gifts of Christmas: Pondering”