A Question of Location – It’s a Game Changer

January 16, 2022 I recently watched an interesting piece on ’60 Minutes’ about an organization, StoryCorps, which travels the country recording responses to the question: “What would you say to people you love if you knew you only had 40 minutes left to live?” The purpose? To reorient priorities.  Recently, the group began a new project: OneContinue reading “A Question of Location – It’s a Game Changer”

Purposely Created for…..?

January 8, 2022 Happy New Year!  2022 is here with or without a Jetsons’ space car in our garages!  Disappointing…but maybe next year! Still, with or without the Jetsons, for most of us the new year means new hope, new opportunities, a fresh start with new resolutions to do better, be better, eat better, exercise…on and on.  It’sContinue reading “Purposely Created for…..?”

A Last Thought about Responses This Christmas Season

January 3, 2022 Christmas is a season of family, love, peace, and joy. Even in the midst of the pandemic – the wonder of the season endures.   You may have made the Advent journey with me this year as we reflected on the responses of those first witnesses to the divine activity in that firstContinue reading “A Last Thought about Responses This Christmas Season”