Lent: The Holy Spirit and Mary Poppins

February 28, 2021 I love the 1964 version of Mary Poppins (MP); you know, the one with Julie Andrews and Dick VanDyke.   Andrews is the perfect Mary Poppins – the mischievous twinkle in her eye belying the no nonsense veneer expected of a proper English nanny. As I re-watched the film recently, I was amazed at how easilyContinue reading “Lent: The Holy Spirit and Mary Poppins”

Lent: The Holy Spirit and Marie Kondo

February 21, 2021 A couple of years ago, while I was visiting one of my children, we watched the Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”  It was all about people living in chaotic conditions with absolutely no idea how to bring order to their lives.   Folks had closets full of shoes and clothes, some ofContinue reading “Lent: The Holy Spirit and Marie Kondo”

The Consequence of Playing Favorites

February 14, 2021 Life, for the most part, is a constant pursuit of being ‘the favorite:’  Daddy’s little girl, Momma’s boy, teacher’s pet, best friends. There’s so little contentment in being loved and valued as ‘one of;’ only being ‘the favorite’ will do!   Such favoritism results in bitter competition, hatred, and the death of relationships andContinue reading “The Consequence of Playing Favorites”

When Obstacles Become Doors

February 7, 2021 In his meditation, Out of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life, Henri Nouwen offered a powerful thought:  what seems a hindrance becomes a way;  what seems an obstacle becomes a door;  what seems a misfit becomes a cornerstone.   Jesus changes our history  from a random series of sad incidents and accidents  intoContinue reading “When Obstacles Become Doors”