An Unplanned Experiment

October 25, 2021             Once, when I was confronted with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, a wise woman suggested that I treat the situation as an experiment. She suggested that I engage in a specific behavior for a particular amount of time and consciously observe the outcome.   I learned so much from her suggestion! Since then, I haveContinue reading “An Unplanned Experiment”

The Coloring Book of Life: Scribbling and Creative Artistry

October 10, 2021 When I was a child, I loved to color.  It was so relaxing to sprawl on the living room floor with my coloring book and box of 64 crayons (complete with crayon sharpener in the box, I might add!) and color to my heart’s content.  As a very young child, I was contentContinue reading “The Coloring Book of Life: Scribbling and Creative Artistry”