Random Musings: Toto’s Revelation and the Pathway Home

August 1, 2021 When I watched the Wizard of Oz as an adult, I was realized I had missed a very important  lesson embedded in the Wizard’s encounters with Dorothy and her friends.  The Wizard’s chamber, with its flashes of light, mighty rumblings, and the huge ferocious visage projected on a screen terrified the group andContinue reading “Random Musings: Toto’s Revelation and the Pathway Home”

Random Musings: Commit and go!

July 18, 2021 It is amazing how all of life intersects. Though the intersections may catch us by surprise, they always can teach us the most transformative lessons if we will just pay attention.  For example, I have learned a lot of life lessons over the years through things as simple as jogging and cycling. Continue reading “Random Musings: Commit and go!”

Random Musings: The Shattered Made New

Ever wonder how glass is made?  Me neither…until it became a random musing for me this week.   I had no idea that making glass requires sand to be melted – something that can only happen at 3090°F!   Before the melting process begins, the sand is mixed with sodium carbonate and calcium oxide and, depending onContinue reading “Random Musings: The Shattered Made New”