Uncle Walt, Stone Soup, Loaves and Fishes

April 18, 2021 Children are my favorite humans.  Children see the world through the lens of endless possibilities. They see no reason why the things they dream cannot become reality.  For a child, the world of pretend isn’t a figment of her imagination to grow out of; it is the world as he knows it canContinue reading “Uncle Walt, Stone Soup, Loaves and Fishes”

Peter’s Lesson in the Midst of Messiness

April 11, 2021 Don’t know about you, but of all Jesus’ disciples, I think Peter is my favorite.   As one of the three disciples Jesus chose as His apparent inner circle (the other two being James and John), Peter was always present with the Lord in His most profound and intimate moments.  At one point, dependingContinue reading “Peter’s Lesson in the Midst of Messiness”

Reflections of an April Fool

So often during this past year, I have heard people angst over feelings of abandonment: abandonment by friends and family, by their employers and co-workers, by political leaders, by the world at large. What is already overwhelming abandonment, despair, and loss is often compounded by a devastating sense of abandonment by God….if there even isContinue reading “Reflections of an April Fool”