We All Are in This Together – what does that even mean?

August 23, 2020 I had a real ‘locust and wild honey’ blog for today – fire-filled electrons to share with anyone who wanted to read it – but then I thought – WHY? Why would I do that – there is enough fire and brimstone being spouted on the airwaves – and it is allContinue reading “We All Are in This Together – what does that even mean?”

The Birds, The Squirrel and The Hawk

August 16, 2020 These days I am finding myself with lots of time to observe; not just see things and move on, but to observe and actually reflect on what I see. Most recently, odd as it might seem, I spent time observing the life around my birdfeeder.  In the past if I remembered to putContinue reading “The Birds, The Squirrel and The Hawk”

Yeast is Never Just Yeast

August 9, 2020 These days many of us are baking. Nothing beats the aroma of baking bread. Nothing beats the taste of bread still warm from the oven sliced and slathered with butter or jam. Nothing beats homemade bread!  But bread isn’t all that easy to make, is it? How much kneading is enough? HowContinue reading “Yeast is Never Just Yeast”

If God Vetted Our Leaders

August 2, 2020 ‘Tis the season for choosing our country’s leadership once again.  Time to assess those who have led us in the past, those who hope to lead us into the future, and discern exactly who is THE ONE. Thankfully, since I don’t have cable TV, I’m not subjected to the barrage of political commercialsContinue reading “If God Vetted Our Leaders”