Random Musings: What if We Took God Seriously?

May 23, 2021 This last year and a half has been a time of pandemic insomnia and consequent random musings.  For this news junkie, my musings have been informed by the pervasive questions of: “Where is God in the Midst of All This?” “Why, if we claim to believe in God, why don’t we takeContinue reading “Random Musings: What if We Took God Seriously?”

Random Musings: ‘Wrapping our Minds Around God

May 9, 2021 Today I am going to begin a new blog series called Random Musings: Matters of faith that I am seeking after as I continue to ask questions, seek answers, and deepen in my own faith. Yes, I am a pastor, though now retired.   Yes, I have both a master’s in divinity andContinue reading “Random Musings: ‘Wrapping our Minds Around God”