Eastertide: The Great Puzzler: Mary, the Mother of Jesus

MAY 3, 2020 So many folks seem to be doing puzzles during these days that I thought I wouldgive it a shot; after all, I have a 1000 piece puzzle that has been on my game shelf for years just waiting to be put together.  The box top shows a beautiful Vermont Christmas scene similarContinue reading “Eastertide: The Great Puzzler: Mary, the Mother of Jesus”

Easter – Trust but Verify – Thomas

APRIL 26, 2020 This past week, I caught a news story that I just had to share – a true Easter miracle of redemption and hope in the midst of the despair and devastation we are currently experiencing as a consequence of COVID-19. Until COVID-19 took hold in South Africa, the gangs in Cape Town,Continue reading “Easter – Trust but Verify – Thomas”

Christ is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed!

APRIL 12, 2020 How easily that Easter greeting rolls off our tongues during worship but have we any idea exactly what we are saying? If we did, would we reconsider how casually we say the words? Or perhaps, would we say the words in a whisper so that people don’t think we are crazy –Continue reading “Christ is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed!”