June 6, 2021

Something I saw on FaceBook (in spite of it’s challenges, there is much spiritual reflection to be found there!)

We’ve got to find ways to get closer to the poor, the neglected, the abused, the excluded, the marginalized, because it’s in proximity to these communities that we hear things that we will not otherwise hear; we will see things that we will not otherwise see. There is power when we get proximate and only then can we have mercy and compassion.

Bryan Stevenson

We need to be close and in community with each other if we want to truly listen and learn; to be transformed and transform, to hear the whisper of God calling us to come together as one voice in order to live lives worthy of the One Who called us to live in all goodness and peace.

Eternal God, Help me to not just hear others but to truly listen to their voices even as I long for them to listen to mine. Help us to have the humility to receive the transformation that you offer to me in the listening so that I might help others along the way – even as I gratefully receive their help as well. AMEN.

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