June 14, 2020

2 Kings 5:1-19 is the story of a mighty Aramean warrior who had a problem: leprosy: a disease that greatly diminished his power and effectiveness in his professional and personal life.  However there were some ‘insignificant people’ (a young slave girl from Israel and, later in the account, when the Naaman became discouraged, his own Aramean servants) who were passionate for the soldier’s healing and facilitated a solution to the man’s problem.  How?  By telling Naaman about God’s prophet, Elisha, in Israel – the one God would use to cure the soldier. 

What if the servant girl or the servants had not identified Naaman’s challenge and boldly spoken up to offer a solution?  What if the servants hadn’t encouraged their master by speaking truth to power when Naaman was discouraged?  Naaman would have remained a leper – ostracized and powerless – as good as dead in the eyes of others.

What brokenness in the world are we passionate about healing?  What wrongs are our hearts stirring to make right?  What are we going to do about it?


Eternal God, by Your great love and mercy given to us through Jesus Christ, we ask that You use us as Your instruments in the world in which You have placed us.  As You stir up our hearts and make us aware of injustice, brokenness, or any manner of challenge in our world, show us how we might be used by You for others.  Make us part of Your solution, Lord, so that the world might become more completely Your kingdom here on earth.  It is in the name of Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit we pray.  AMEN.

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