July 19, 2020

Throughout the scripture, as humanity went through various trials, challenges, times of exile, and endured the consequences of ‘not-God’ choices, God continued to invite them to see where God was at work in and among them and assured them that these dark times times would come to an end. Isaiah 35 is a wonderful example in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible of this truth, as are Christ’s words of comfort, such as those found in John 14 in the Gospel, and indeed, the entire New Testament Book of Revelation. (spoiler alert – God wins!).

Chaos and darkness are only for a season, peace and light, joy and gladness are the eternal plan of God for the created order. So we can live in hope, making our way from the darkness into the light – never alone, always together – with God enfolding and empowering us every step of the way!

Eternal God, in times like these it is hard to see anything that might bring joy and hope. We know that such things exist, but we need You to show us. Open our eyes to see You at work redeeming and ordering our present, leading us into our future; fill us with hope. In the midst of our darkest times, let us find peace and joy in You; a peace and joy that makes no human sense, but a peace and joy that comes of knowing You hold our future in Your hand; a future, according to the prophet Jeremiah, which will be filled with hope! (Jeremiah 29:11). It is in this confident hope that we give You all glory and praise, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. AMEN.

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