October 18, 2020

There is an account in Luke 18:18-19 of a rich young ruler who called Jesus ‘good Teacher.’ Jesus challenged the adjective ‘good.’ Only God in heaven is good, Jesus said. And I thought, “Good grief, if Jesus wasn’t good, what good is there in anyone?” But then I thought, it is God living in us that makes us and our work in this world good. John 15:1-11 That knowledge is so humbling. Any goodness I find in myself is a gift of the presence of God. Any good that I do, is a work of God done in and through me. I think it is worthwhile to look for goodness in myself, in others and in the world around me – for in doing so I see the goodness of God revealed!

For the goodness of this day, Lord, I give you thanks. Make me mindful of the goodness within all You have made and teach me to celebrate that goodness, and to increase the space for that goodness within myself, even as I celebrate and nurture Your goodness in others. In the name of Your Son Jesus, and through the power of the Holy Spirit I pray. AMEN.

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