May 2, 2021

Psalm 131 – A Song of Quiet Trust

O Lord, my heart is not lifted up,
    my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
    too great and too marvelous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
    like a weaned child with its mother;
    my soul is like the weaned child that is with me.

O Israel, hope in the Lord
    from this time on and forevermore.

I love this psalm for its visual of total contentment and trust. The child has done the work of suckling at her mother’s breast and isn’t anxious about where the next meal is coming from. The child, instead, is fed to fullness, contented, and resting in the love of the mother. How I want to live like that: trusting that though I have work to do – I also am to rest content in God’s love – full and at peace as I am prepared for whatever else God has for me down the road. I pray this for you as well!

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