Such a Simple Thing

July 11, 2020             Sometimes when we are in distress, looking for solutions to things that are threatening us, we look for complicated answers and beyond those people who are actually able to help us; beyond them, that is, if their solutions don’t suit our agendas and don’t feed our egos.  It’s remarkable –              Let me tellContinue reading “Such a Simple Thing”

A Caterpillar and a Tornado

July 5, 2020 Who are You? This was the question the stoned Caterpillar on the mushroom asked Alice in Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Alice didn’t know the answer, and quite frankly, it really didn’t seem to matter to her much. She knew who she was when the day began in her family’s garden as sheContinue reading “A Caterpillar and a Tornado”

Weeds, Broken Pavers, and Sinkholes

June 27, 2020 Recently, someone came to my home for an appropriately social distanced and masked meeting.  The person had never met me or been to my home before. When he arrived, he was a bit tentative about which door to go to – the front or the side – as he told me later.  His uncertaintyContinue reading “Weeds, Broken Pavers, and Sinkholes”

But Who?

June 14, 2020 I’ve had many zoom conversations over the last several weeks that spoke in terms of hopelessness, helplessness, and frustration: And that’s just the tip of the conversational iceberg! So many challenges and concerns identified and labeled.  So much anger. So much name calling. So much blame.  So many conversations ending in frustratedContinue reading “But Who?”

It Takes More!

May 31, 2020 Political and religious unrest.  Heavy taxes. Wide disparity between rich and poor. Homelessness. Unemployment. Disease. Struggles between local and national authorities. Oppression of minority groups. This is a small descriptor of life in the first century Roman Empire – a descriptor of life in Jerusalem and its surrounding towns and villages.  AContinue reading “It Takes More!”

Now What? … Wait for It!

MAY 24, 2020 Now what? I find myself asking that a lot these days – for so long I was fairly sure about what my life was all about – the role I was to play day to day.  Sometimes those roles stood alone, sometimes they intersected – but always I had some idea asContinue reading “Now What? … Wait for It!”

Eastertide – Just the Facts is never enough!

MAY 17, 2020 Ever find yourself equipped with the facts and think you were good to go? Reality check, facts are never enough!  Think about performing CPR…I sure wouldn’t want someone using CPR on me if they knew nothing beyond the facts. Hands-on instruction is needed in order to know how to revive a personContinue reading “Eastertide – Just the Facts is never enough!”

Eastertide: Move Over, Job!

MAY 10, 2020 These days, don’t you kind of feel like Job? That Old Testament man’s life was one big tragedy.  I mean, think about it – his family was healthy, happy and prosperous. Job was a devoutly religious man. Then tragedy stuck. I mean one tragic thing after another: his entire family wiped outContinue reading “Eastertide: Move Over, Job!”