Purposely Created for…..?

January 8, 2022 Happy New Year!  2022 is here with or without a Jetsons’ space car in our garages!  Disappointing…but maybe next year! Still, with or without the Jetsons, for most of us the new year means new hope, new opportunities, a fresh start with new resolutions to do better, be better, eat better, exercise…on and on.  It’sContinue reading “Purposely Created for…..?”

A Last Thought about Responses This Christmas Season

January 3, 2022 Christmas is a season of family, love, peace, and joy. Even in the midst of the pandemic – the wonder of the season endures.   You may have made the Advent journey with me this year as we reflected on the responses of those first witnesses to the divine activity in that firstContinue reading “A Last Thought about Responses This Christmas Season”

Christmas – It All Comes Together

December 25, 2021 Putting Christmas together every year has always meant organized chaos in decorating, baking, buying and wrapping, meeting shipping deadlines, and on and on.  Lots of pressure trying to meet the perceived expectations of others.   One of my favorite parts – a centering and calming part – of the season has been setting upContinue reading “Christmas – It All Comes Together”

Fourth Advent: The Response of the Imperfect

Luke 2:7-20 December 19, 2021 Advent is a time of self-emptying and preparation: emptying of who and what we have been apart from God in the past in order to prepare to receive the who and what God intends for us to be in the days, months and years to come.   The emptying is neverContinue reading “Fourth Advent: The Response of the Imperfect”

Third Advent: The Response of Townspeople to the Miraculous

Luke 1:57-80                     Luke 2:4-6 Over these past weeks of Advent, I have immersed myself in the lives of those who lived on the periphery at the time of Christ’s birth. I have also begun to see the essential participants in the holy birth with a new perspective. I have begun to realize that perhaps the mostContinue reading “Third Advent: The Response of Townspeople to the Miraculous”

Second Advent: Two Women – Two Responses to the Miracle

December 5, 2021 Luke 1:24-56 Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and Mary, the mother of Jesus I find Elizabeth and Mary so relatable and not just to women!  The women’s responses to God’s miracles transcend gender and age. As we go through the self-emptying of Advent in preparation for Christmas, I believe they haveContinue reading “Second Advent: Two Women – Two Responses to the Miracle”

First Advent: Two Men –  Two Responses to the Miraculous  

Luke 1:5-25 and Matthew 1:18-25 November 29, 2021 We spend so much of our time in Advent rushing to get to Christmas that we don’t often spend time considering what was going on in the lives of those people mentioned in the set up leading to Jesus’ birth. Yet, as in so many other scripturalContinue reading “First Advent: Two Men –  Two Responses to the Miraculous  “

An Unplanned Experiment

October 25, 2021             Once, when I was confronted with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, a wise woman suggested that I treat the situation as an experiment. She suggested that I engage in a specific behavior for a particular amount of time and consciously observe the outcome.   I learned so much from her suggestion! Since then, I haveContinue reading “An Unplanned Experiment”

The Coloring Book of Life: Scribbling and Creative Artistry

October 10, 2021 When I was a child, I loved to color.  It was so relaxing to sprawl on the living room floor with my coloring book and box of 64 crayons (complete with crayon sharpener in the box, I might add!) and color to my heart’s content.  As a very young child, I was contentContinue reading “The Coloring Book of Life: Scribbling and Creative Artistry”